Realising the fact that students of today are the future of the country tomorrow .Hence it becomes our prime duty to develop such noble minds which can serve the nation at best by their intellectual and leadership qualities .We work on developing those good qualities rather than imposing and injecting bookish knowledge and information into them .The prime motives of schools are :

  • To offer a right blend of cultural, spiritual & moral values with education ,which prepares pupil for their future responsibilities in modern world.
  • To enable the students to learn self-discipline and instil among them a national feeling &love for their ancient vedic culture& national heritage.
  • To bring about an all round development in children and channelize their energies for excellence in every field.
  • To inculcate in children good habits, social manners and above all truthfulness and discipline.
  • To develop in children the ability to express their thoughts and fellings in a confident manner so as to bring about their hidden talents and develop their personalities.
  • To inspire the creativity by encouraging to discover their innate talents and aptitudes to help them to visualize their future and works towards actualizing their goals.

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